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1257 Collett siphon G


1257 fresh from Bewdley paintshop, October 2007. Photo: Colin Jenkins.

Collett siphon G. Built in 1927. Purchased in 1976 from Wantage Road. These vehicles were once found in great numbers all over the country. Built mainly to carry milk churns, they found use on numerous other duties, especially newspaper traffic. The very last of these vehicles was built in the early 1950's and a number have been preserved. This however is the only one of the outside framed examples remaining. It has been used on the Valley as a Santa's grotto and is now being used as a mobile store. The interior is now restored and has been repainted 2014.


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1257 - click to open larger image in a new window

1257 freshly out shopped, Bewdley 1979.
PHOTO: Colin Jenkins

1257 under overhaul during 2004-2007.

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