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2242 Hawksworth Brake Third - Restoration

A few images and notes of the work on 2242 Hawksworth Brake Third prior to entering traffic on the railway.


May 2020


One of the axle to axle brake pull rods holes being machined on the milling machine to take a bush. Originally these were just a drilled hole, now worn quite oval. The area where the holes are has to be heated and allowed to cool slowly to soften the area around the hole to allow machining. The original drilled hole had work hardened in use, hence the heat treatment required. New bushes are made on the lathe and fitted back to new size. The brake adjusted rod has been similarly treated.






The brake block back and brake hanger following refurbishment. The brake block back, similar to the brake pull rods, didn’t have bushes fitted, so has had to be machined on the milling machine to take a bush. As this is a steel casting, no heat treatment is required. The larger hole is still within acceptable wear limits, so not touched this time. The brake hanger has had the old worn bushes replaced with new. There are 16 brake block backs and brake hangers on the two bogies.


The forked end of one of the bow girders, again with old worn bushes replaced with new. There are 8 bow girders on the two bogies.

The first bogie brake rigging should be complete shortly, we will then start again on the second bogie.

Photos: Nigel Hanson


April 2020


2242 being shunted into Kidderminster works. 8th April. Photo: Alan Brookes.





2242 wheel set swop in progress. Photo: Nigel Hanson.

Hawksworth Brake Third 2242 Appeal

We are renewing our appeal for funds in these challenging times. The GW(SVR)A have agreed to bring forward the mechanical work on Hawksworth Brake Third 2242 under contract which will help the SVR to meet some of the costs of the full time carriage staff over the next few weeks. Read more…
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