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2426 Churchward Third

Churchward third built in 1910. Purchased in 1972 from Swindon works. Built as part of a batch of what may be described as the first of the modern carriages of the Great Western. It was produced in various guises right up to 1923. Along with many similar vehicles, it was converted to a camp coach in 1957 and when it finished these duties, it was taken into departmental stock to work with the signal and telegraph department. It has been used for staff accommodation on the Severn Valley but the long term aim is to restore it to its original condition. It is the oldest carriage on the line.

Following a long period providing sleeping accommodation at Hampton Loade 2426 has now moved outside the Carriage Shed at Kidderminster prior to moving inside to dry out.

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2426 at Hampton Loade 2004 - click to open larger image in a new window

2426 in use for staff accommodation at Hampton Loade Station. PHOTO: Paul Bennett


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