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9103 Restoration - 2006

Details of the ongoing restoration work throughout 2006. Previous years restoration progress can be viewed at:

November 2006
Over the last few months progress has continued:

The south end painting has been completed up to finishing coat and the the corridor canvass to be re-instated. The canvass was supplied by the Dart Valley Railway and fitted quite smoothly. The frame has also been fitted with Great Western style pullman adaptors.

All the seats bases and backs have now been upholstered and considerable work has gone into the final adjustments, particularly where the widths are having to be reduced accommodate the side upholstery. The final single seat pads have also been made up and hopefully it will not be long before all the upholstery is in place.

The guard's compartment has received detailed attention in setting up the steam heat and vacuum systems. The vacuum setter needed rebuilding and the steam heat inlet piped to the gauge and then the covering long wooden frame made. The new under seat and vertical radiators were machined and piped in.

Pete Simpson has been carefully machining the Steam Heat Radiators drilling and threading each end to take the inlet and outlet pipes. Work continues on the fitting and installation of the compartment heaters.

The tables are being rubbed down and varnished ready for installation and the door bump stop parts successfully cast to the pattern shown below.




With Siphon G 1257's roof repairs complete 9103 has been shunted into the scaffold cage so it's own roof repairs and water tank replacement can be carried out.

August 2006

9103 click to open larger image

  With 9103 now coupled up to the GWR 813 Preservation Fund's GWR Full Brake 98 and use it as a store and workshop, much needed working space has been freed up in 9103. Here Dave Smith and Ken Russell are fitting one of the long bench seats.
April 2006

9103 click to open larger image

The seat ends are being varnished. This taller one is for the double seats adjacent to the interconnecting door between the two saloons...

9103 click to open larger image

Brake valve and gauge installed in the Guard's compartment.

9103 click to open larger image

Some of the many fittings still to be installed.


9103 click to open larger image

...and this smaller one for the long bench seats.

9103 click to open larger image

Priming the body has been completed and the accessible parts of the underframe and bogies painted chassis black. The steps, grab handles and other fittings have been added to the coach ends.

2701 transfers

Recently Hugh McQuade and Colin Jenkins visited Tearne's, the transfer makers, to see about getting some transfers made for 2701, the Great Northern carriage, and others for the interiors of the Toplights.

March 2006

9103 seating


9103 seating

Some of the seats backs for 9103 have been upholstered. These two images show the front and rear of the double seats that fit either side of the interconnecting door between the two saloons.


9103 seating

Two photos of the back to one of the long bench seats. Photos: Colin Jenkins


9103 seating

February 2006

On the right is the embryo pattern for the part of the door stop that will attach to the body. This pattern has since been completed and will be test cast shortly. A measure of complexity was found as a result of the axis of the conical section not being normal to the mounting flange. The grey pieces shewn are more of the polyester resin used to make the carriage warming radiators. These have since been machined to produce the pattern section to create the hollow in the back of the conical section. The third part of the door bumper assembly (the sprung loaded plunger) will be simply turned from solid.



9103 - door stop

Photo: Colin Jenkins

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