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The latest changes to the website are listed here. We update this site frequently, so please Bookmark this page and check for the latest site updates.

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  • To complement the visit from WSR's mogul 9351 at this year's Autumn Steam Gala, the Association's mogul 9303 will be on display in the bay platform at Kidderminster throughout the Gala. We will have a small stand near the engine so do come and say hello.
  • Restoration update for Collett bow-ended corridor Third 4786
  • Work is also continuing on Churchward Third 2426

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It has been a while, but we're back at work again now:

7th August 2020

  • Charitable Trust Grant - we are very pleased to announce we have granted £12,000 towards the completion of Hawksworth Brake Third 2242. Read more...
  • Update for members to the Illustrated Newsletter Index

16th July 2020

14th July 2020

26th May 2020

12th May 2020

28th April 2020

Hawksworth Brake Third 2242 Appeal
We are renewing our appeal for funds in these challenging times. The GW(SVR)A Committee have agreed to bring forward the mechanical work on Hawksworth Brake Third 2242 under contract which will help the SVR to meet some of the costs of the full time carriage staff over the next few weeks. Read more…

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  • Further restoration update for GWR Bow-ended Composite 6045
  • There's an excellent article in the current edition, No102, of Great Western Railway Journal. Penned by Mick, Gareth and Colin, it covers the history of GWR bow-enders and focuses on the restoration of Composite 6045.

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  • Further restoration update for GWR Bow-ended Composite 6045.
  • The LNER Carriage Group Newsletter includes regular updates on the ongoing restoration of GWR Toad 17410, downloadable copies are available at the LNER SVR Coach Fund site. Anyone wishing to be added to the (email only) newsletter circulation can contact Richard Hill at: richardhill@lnersvrcoachfund.org.uk

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  • How to Help page plus the associated membership, gift-aid and standing orders forms all updated.

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7th September 2015

  • 650 restoration update
  • Very pleased to say we’ve just heard from the HRA that 9103 has been awarded first prize in the current Carriage Restoration competition!

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11th November 2014

  • 650 restoration update
  • A new page detailing the ongoing repair work on the 813 Fund's GWR Hawks worth Passenger Full Brake No 98
  • Also we have 6 boxes of Edmondson ticket blanks that need collecting from St Neots. If anyone is traveling from Huntingdon area to Kidderminster over the next couple of weeks and could help with the transport, please get in touch with Chris Haynes. Thanks!

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  • To celebrates the launch into service of Collett Nondescript Saloon 9103 we will be running a Special Train Wednesday 18th September 2013. Full details and how to book.

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  • We have some 1912 Great Western Garter crest transfers for sale. Details on the News page.

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  • GWR Saloon 9103 restoration update
  • Our long serving stalwart in the Association's shop, Ken Commander, has been poorly lately – get well soon Ken! This has left us rather short staffed so if anyone could help out, particularly Saturday mornings and Sundays, please phone Chris Haynes on 0121 4216955.

23rd June 2009

23rd June 2009

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13th March 2009

  • It is with much regret we announce the death of GW(SVR)A Secretary Phil James. Phil played a leading role in the Association and has been an active carriage restorer right from the early days of the SVR at Bewdley and more recently on his own, so nearly finished, LNER Kitchen Composite 7960. He will be greatly missed. The funeral will be held at St Laurence's Church, Ludlow at 12.00noon on Friday 3rd April.

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  • New page of images form this year's Autumn Gala.
  • New home page photo of the GW(SVR)A's 40th Anniversary train.

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  • Update to the Bewdley page with the return on LNER Kitchen Composite 7960

29th January

2nd January 2008

  • Best wishes for the New Year!
  • Update to Stock List and 1145 pages to reflect the current state of play.

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  • Collett open brake third 650 restoration further update
  • The GW (SVR) Association's Mogul 7325/9303 will be on display at next weekend's Bewdley station open day, 21st July. This will be it's first public display back on the Railway since returning from STEAM museum last month.

12th July

14th June

  • Siphon G 1257 overhaul update
  • The Association's GWR Mogul 9303 arrived back home Friday 8th June from Swindon ready for display in the Engine House at Highley. Photos to follow.

11th June

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  • New page, 2007 update to 9103 restoration. 9103 will be open for viewing over Member's weekend - 24-25th March. This is rare chance to have a look around the coach and view the recent progress.

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  • RSS News Feed RSS News Feed added with the latest site updates. There's a good overview of RSS Feed usage from the BBC.

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  • Search facility added to the news page.
  • Updates to 1856 and 1086 coach pages.

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  • A new temporary page for the Severn Valley Railway's Volunteer Liaison Office while full site is brought back on-line.

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